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We do it all – big or small

Our Services

We do it all, from demolition to installation to painting, and everything in between. If we don’t provide the services needed in house to assist on a project, we will find and coordinate the trades that can.

1. Drywall

Whether it’s for finishing, fireguard or poly protection, we have the people and the experience to complete all installation projects.

2. Taping

We can fix and finish anything. Seams showing, a humped wall, moving an electrical plug or even a complete interior renovation? We have you covered.

3. Framing

We do both steel and wood framing. Plus, we’ll properly frame your bulkheads to cover venting and plumbing pipes.

4. Insulation

We have your insulation needs covered. From batt and poly to spray foam, we’ll provide the best solution.

5. Demolition

Our experienced team will demo any necessary area and remove debris left behind both quickly and safely.

6. Painting

We offer a full range of painting services to get your job done including prime, basetec, lacquer or complete finish.

Meet Ryan

Ryan is the Renovation Manager for United Home Interiors. He’s been working in the construction industry for 25 years and more specifically the drywall industry for 20+ years.

One of the things that separates him from most contractors is the amount that he cares. He cares A LOT. In fact, his job is to give you the best possible experience while providing the highest quality product and workmanship.

Ryan is also a family man. He understands that your home is where your family is busy growing and living day-to-day life, that’s why he will provide a detailed plan and timeline for your renovation. He works hard to ensure life goes on without interruption or setback. Afterall, your home is your castle and you’re the king and queen, even during renovations.

An inside look from start to finish

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Your Renovation Partner

The Process

When you reach out for a quote, we’ll meet in person to go over your upcoming project. We’ll provide an onsite assessment and walk you through the process finding any potential difficulties. When we part ways, I’ll complete a quote and email it to you for review.

Permits and inspections are a vital part of the process. Whether it’s a homeowner permit or a contractor permit required, we’ll walk you through the process and make it as simple and straight forward as possible.

Once the work and pricing details are finalized, we will arrange home access with you, either by you being home when we arrive or via lockbox and key. We will be sure to plastic off all affected areas to ensure minimal impact on the rest of your space.

Work begins! We start with any framing, plumbing or electrical issues. Once these are accessed and dealt with insulation and drywall can begin. Then we move on to the finishing trades with taping and painting.

Using our custom app, we will keep you updated throughout the entire process. You’ll see everything as it’s happening offering a high level of organization and security. We offer complete peace of mind.

We’re sticking around to make sure everything “sticks”. We have the longest warranty in the industry which means you can rest assured with our work, long after your project is complete.

Give us a call at 403-888-4674 to get started!

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